Ya gotta love Dolly Parton!  What an icon!!!  Everyone is anticipating the release of her new CD less than a week away.  It is her 42nd studio album entitled BLUE SMOKE and available on May 13th.  Dolly is all about fun, take the Dolly Quiz and find out which of her songs you are.

I took the quiz and based on my answers I got the song "Jolene".

This was my description, it's pretty much spot on:  You are emotional and sentimental. You recognize true love when you see it and find beauty in all things. You’re quick to hand out compliments, but that may sometimes stem for your own lack of confidence You are the type of person that will snoop around on your significant other’s social networks if you think something is going on, and you will always fight for what’s yours. You do not sit back and allow yourself to be put down.

Take the quiz and tell me which song you got and if your description is accurate.

Quiz:  Buzzfeed.com

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