There is actually a couple of big names besides Trisha Yearwood associated with the song "Walkaway Joe".  Don Henley of the Eagles sings background and Matthew Mcconaughey is in the video from the early 90's.  I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!! Sad thing is, Trisha never really got to meet Matthew and here's why.

At the time, he was just a actor looking for a break when he was cast for the video which was shot in Austin, TX.  Trisha and Don's part, where they're singing, was shot in Nashville.  So, Trisha never even met him.

They did try to schedule a face to face meeting at an awards show years later, but  were unable to.  Trisha said she's happy to see how his career has advanced and that if he ever wanted to be in one of her videos again, he wouldn't even have to audition.

Even then, he had that hot bod and cool demeanor that makes him so fun to watch and easy to look at.  Check it out!


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