When I first met Carole Berg, almost 10 years ago, she asked me if I knew what Scleroderma was, when I answered no, her reaction made me learn more. She talked about herself, she talked about what it does to a person, and she lost her fight with it.

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Sometimes people are passionate about their cause, and being that Carole had Scleroderma herself, she could have handled our meeting with anger that I hadn't learned about the disease that makes it hard for her to eat and move. Instead she said, "Look it up, learn about it, and tell one more person to look it up and tell someone else". I honored her by looking it up, and told people. She was an incredibly nice woman and welcomed my son Sam every year.

I don't get on the radio and explain too much about what I have learned, I tell them what Carole told me. Look it up, learn about it, and tell someone.

At one of the walks, I read a letter that Carole had received from someone who had learned about it and met Carole. The letter talked about all the suffering her Mother had done and had symptoms like Carole. The letter said she was sending Carole's story and pictures to her siblings so that they can understand and know that this is probably how their Mother died. To look up the disease and learn about it.

Come and walk with us Saturday June 11th, Bayfront Festival Park for the Scleroderma Minnesota Chapter. This year’s walk will be in Memory of Carole Berg, longtime Scleroderma board member, walk coordinator and support group leader.

Rain or shine, the walk will go on! Registration is $25 dollars and includes t-shirt.  Food, door prizes and more! The walk/run is a great opportunity to connect with old friends, meet new friends and walk in honor or memory of loved ones affected by scleroderma.

When: Saturday, June 11, 2016
Where: Bayfront Festival Park, 350 Harbor Dr, Duluth, MN 55802

Registration Time: 9 a.m.
Kick-off: 9:30 a.m.
Walk Start: 10:30 a.m.