UDAC's Walk A Mile In Our Shoes Successfully Tops Last Year
Darren Danielson of WDIO and I were blessed to be involved as co-chairs in the 9th Annual UDAC fundraiser "walk a mile in our shoes" event last Saturday.  It was a glorious morning for an event that is so well received in the community.  It was held at Malosky Stadium on the UMD Campus and…
Cathy Kates Is Honored To Co-Chair Walk A Mile In Our Shoes
Ken and I were involved in the annual UDAC fundraiser "walk a mile in our shoes" event years ago.  That was when we would go to STEPS and walk on treadmills. The event is so well received in the community that something needed to be done to accommodate, so it was moved to Malosky Stadium o…
Scleroderma Walk Remembers Carole Berg
When I first met Carole Berg, almost 10 years ago, she asked me if I knew what Scleroderma was, when I answered no, her reaction made me learn more. She talked about herself, she talked about what it does to a person, and she lost her fight with it.
Autism Walk Set For Sunday Morning, What Is Autism
You are invited this Sunday September 28th to Public School Stadium for the Autism Walk Northland. Pre-registration from 8:30-10:00 with the walk beginning at 10 am. There is a 2.5 k and a 5 k. From 8:30 to 11:15 there is a kids carnival, and a Silent Auction from 8:30-11:00 am.  A snack, water…
Canal Park Traffic Advisory
Happy Mother's Day!  For some Northlanders, the Mother's Day Walk/Run with the YWCA is a family tradition.  If it's new to you, it will SOON be a tradition.  There are hundreds of people trying to get to the walk/run and others just trying to get around the Canal Park a…
This Is Why You Shouldn’t Walk and Text
Texting and walking is a pretty bad idea, particularly when you’re walking down steps. Which is something the young lady in the background of this live CBC report is bound to remember the next time she tries to look at her phone while navigating a short flight of concrete stairs.
Chinese Man Walks 1,000 Miles To Win Bride
Now this is love!  The question is, when will finally get there to propose!?
A Chinese Proclaimers fan got more than she bargained for when she jokingly told her boyfriend she would only marry him if he walked 1,000 miles.
Ling Hsueh (23), made the comment in reference to the Scottish duo's song 500 M…
Man Takes First Steps in 20 Years With Robot ExoSkeleton
Imagine losing the ability to walk. Imagine losing said ability for over 20 years.
Now, imagine the kind of elation you'd feel if an invention came along that made it possible for you to walk again.
That's exactly how the man in this video felt after using the ReWalk ExoSkeleton robot. Designed by Arg…