A couple of summers ago, my kid brother Grant had a limp.  We were in the middle of hauling boxes and I assumed he was just being a typical lazy teenager and was limping to get out of the work that needed to be done.  "Brush it off, pick it up and let's get moving."  The next time I saw him, he still had the limp and he wasn't looking so good.  That's where it all started.

The first trips to the doctor didn't come up with any results.  Eventually they thought they had the source of the problem pinpointed as Lyme's disease.   While that's a serious disease in itself, it was nice to finally get an answer.

But even with treatment, he wasn't getting better.  In fact he was getting worse.  He was losing weight, inflamed joints, exhausted and sick.

After a trip to the Children's Hospital, and many subsequent visits, it was clear that he was suffering from Lupus.

In the last year he's been doing better with the help of the treatment.  It's a serious disease and there is no cure, so he has a lifelong battle to face.

Many people don't know what Lupus is.  If we can raise enough awareness, hopefully people suffering from the disease can get diagnosed earlier.

The 5k fundraiser walk run is this Saturday at the Lakewalk.  It begins at Grandma's Sports Garden.  Registration is at 9am, the walk/5k starts at 10 am.

You can preregister in the link below and also find out more information.