Our local Sam's Club got an actual meat counter in their last remodel and previous to that I would get the USDA Choice Angus Ribeye Steaks which are usually around $8-$10 per pound.  I kept going back once I tried them because I would often times go to a local butcher, pay more and not get a better cut.

Since the counter opened my eyes were opened to Prime Ribeye Steak, a step up from the later I had been purchasing and usually only $2 or so more per pound.  $2 more per pound might as well be $10 more because that's the quality jump in my opinion.  I usually cast iron sear my steaks and with that Prime meat and about 4 minutes a side, it is incredible to eat.

Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Photo Credit: Joe Danger

If you haven't tried anything from the Sam's Club Meat Counter yet, I highly suggest you do.  One of these days I am going to step it up more and grab a couple of the $35 per pound Kobe Beef Steaks and give those a try too.  Have you tried anything from the Sam's Meat Counter, and if so what's your take on it?

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