For almost 50 years now, Tom's F&D Meats in Virginia has been the place many have gone for their snack sticks, sausages, jerky, and cuts of meat. Now it's for sale, and the owners are even willing to hang around and train you on how to run the business.

It's being listed for sale by Perralla & Associates. The 6,660 square foot building and business is being sold for $199,900. It's locoated at 1108 S 8th St. Virginia, MN.

Tom's F&D Meats

Maybe you've been looking for a career change? This is a great opportunity as this business has been a staple in the community since before I was even born. The store has been operating since 1971 offering meat products and also a variety of produce and diary grocery tiems. I'd be sure to get the recipes for the snack sticks and sausages, because people have already expressed their hope on social media that they'll still be able to get their favorites.

The Iron Range has some of the best meat shops. It's because it was a melting pot of immigrants from across Europe who arrived to work in the iron ore mines. They brought their recipes with them, and the region over generations continued and improved on some recipes. Trust me, if you want a good brat, polish, or snack stick you need to hit the small stores on the range that we are lucky to still have.

I remember as a kid going to F&D and getting slabs of beef jerky and gnawing away on them for the road trip up to Lake Vermilion. They were great. My mom still shops there because she loves their kabobs in the meat case.

So what do you think? Do you have what it takes to run this business? It's already established and has a good customer base that you just need to keep happy. Pretty turn key if you have just under 200k burning a hole in your pocket.

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