My life motto: the more places to get coffee, the better! Now, Northlanders have another option when it comes to getting their daily caffeine fix. If you haven't heard by now, another Caribou Coffee location is opening in Hermantown.

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Back in September, I was driving in the area when I noticed what appeared to be a cute little building, similar to the new Caribou 'Cabin' locations that have been popping up everywhere. After some internet sleuthing, I learned that it was indeed a new location.

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Construction on the space began in August, and according to Northern News Now, the new store will officially open on Monday, December 4th! The exact address of the new space is 5601 Miller Trunk Highway near Lavaque Road and Highway 53.

Curious what a Caribou 'Cabin' is? It has all the delicious offerings of a regular Caribou Coffee location but there is no indoor seating. Instead, you have to drive-thru or walk up to the window to get your drink.

This new 'Cabin' location will have parking and is located next to a bunch of popular restaurants, like Do North Pizzeria & Pub and the strip that includes McKenzie's Bar & Grill.

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After this addition, we officially have a good number of locations in the Northland! Sadly, the first Caribou Coffee location to ever exist is closing! It is located in Edina, Minnesota and acted as the flagship store throughout all these years.

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