Christmas in May? That's the case in Duluth recently, as yet another Christmas movie films in the Duluth area. The movie is called Rescuing Christmas and has been filming in popular locations this month, including OMC Smokehouse and Dovetail Cafe and Marketplace.

The film stars Sam Page from Grey's Anatomy as one of the main characters and Rachael Leigh Cook, a famous actress who has been in a ton of projects, including Criminal Minds and the cult classic She's All That. While details about her role are mum, it looks like she is all suited up and in character, and having a blast doing it.

While she hasn't said anything about this new movie just yet, she did give us a little taste of what we can expect from the movie! She shared a new selfie on her Instagram, smiling with a wave and rocking what appears to be a holiday sweater. The caption? "It's Christmas o'clock somewhere" and it certainly is in Duluth!

While she doesn't tag or mention Duluth in the caption, she did let on that the selfie was taken on the set of Rescuing Christmas, as she "liked" several comments referencing the current film. She even "liked" one comment suggesting the photo was taken on set of a new Christmas movie and another comment asking about who her current costar is.

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The production started in early May. There aren't many details on the movie, including the plot but it is safe to bet that it will be a romantic holiday film like the last one filmed here! The movie is being made by the same producer, Mandy June Turpin, who also produced Merry Kiss Cam last summer. If this movie follows the trajectory of that film, it could be out later this year!

Surprisingly, there have been a bunch of projects made right here in the Northland as of late! A television pilot filmed on the Iron Range last year. Famous actress and singer Christina Milian also filmed a movie here last year. It is called Body Language and doesn't have a release date just yet.

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