Do you feel like we haven't seen as much precipitation this year as last? You'd be right!

I was just thinking about this just the other day and it seems WDIO Meteorologist Taylor Dayton read my mind! He shared some news relating to the subject on his Facebook page Monday (June 15). Check it out:

Wow! There you have it - it isn't just in your head. It really has been really dry this year. I love rain so I always welcome it and even more so after reading this post.

One big impact this dry weather has on us, aside from our lawns looking a bit out of sorts, has to be how awful it is making our allergies! Apparently, our dry spring means there isn't a lot of moisture to keep allergens, like pollen, on the ground. I definitely feel this. Ha!

The Old Farmer's Almanac made predictions for June and if we follow along with what they have to say for the last few weeks of the month, we may get a little bit of rain to make up for things! According to their predictions, we will see scattered thunderstorms for the second half of the month.

One thing is for sure: we are in for a hot summer ahead! The Old Farmer's Almanac predicts very warm temperatures for the month of June. Not only that, the Weather Channel is predicting that Minnesota and Wisconsin will see near average or slightly warmer than average temperatures this summer.

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