Say it ain't so! If you're a fan of all things spooky, this news will devastate you.

Nopeming Sanatorium may not be open for the upcoming Halloween season. The famous haunted landmark posted a bittersweet message on their Facebook page Tuesday (September 17th), explaining why. Check it out below:

Noooooo! I am so sad by this news. Judging by this message, it doesn't look like it's a for sure thing just yet but this news isn't as promising as I would have liked.

Shortly after posting the above message, Nopeming offered more insight into the reason they haven't received a permit just yet. Here's what they had to say:

Basically, the Midway Town Board, the board in charge of giving Nopeming the go ahead for the upcoming holiday season, is not granting the permit until certain changes are made for the safety of the public - running water, sprinkler system, etc. However, Nopeming argues that these changes would defeat the purpose of the tours in the first place, as people want to see the original building as is, not a renovated space.

As of now, Nopeming says they are working to find a happy medium with the Midway Town Board, hoping to do partial renovations in exchange for a permit.

Every year, Nopeming offers tours inside their haunted hallways to paranormal seeks and ghost lovers alike.

The haunted hot spot, located in Duluth, is famous for its spooks and creepy backstory. It's a popular place for ghost hunters, who often catch ghosts and apparitions on camera! Even national ghost hunters, like the cast of Travel Channel's hit show Ghost Adventures, have taken an interest in the building.

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