Watch This Footage Caught At A Nopeming Tour
Last year when Nopeming opened up it's doors, Keenan McGovern was touring the building and was taking snapchat movies. He shared with me this very short video of, what appears to be a man walking or running. I have slowed the film down and showed it to you twice.
Nopeming Will Not Offer Tours This Year
Duluth Paranormal Society will be touring the William A Irvin and investigating again. After leading tours at Nopeming last year, the group warns people there will not be tours offered this year, and a reminder, please don't trespass and try and investigate the property. Go through the right ch…
Did Duluth Paranormal Capture A Real Ghost On Camera
Duluth Paranormal experiments with the latest gear to try and collect evidence that there might be something there, or there is definitely nothing there. While in the surgery room, they were trying to catch spirits on a ouija board and about 10-15 minutes in to the video, the camera catching somethi…
Duluth Paranormal Releases Video, It Could Be A Ghost?
One of the first videos to be released from the Nopeming investigation by the Duluth Paranormal Society is a convincing one. I don't normally think balls of light are a sign that there might be a ghost. This video shows a ball of light materialize and move along an open door and along a wall. A…

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