There has been another sighting of strange lights over the Twin Ports area and Lake Superior. I was put in contact with a man that goes by Rob who witnessed bizarre lights moving in strange patterns over the sky on Friday nigh, March 27th from near his home in South End Superior.

Rob describes the lights as being pretty high up, well above Duluth International Airport traffic. He said he saw the lights move in somewhat of a formation across the sky over the hill of Duluth, almost from the Orion constellation to the Big Dipper, where they eventually faded out. The entire sighting took place in about a 20 minute time period from 8:20 pm to 8:40 pm. There was two waves of lights. The second wave of lights also were changing directions, unlike a satellite or shooting star would. They then all faded out as they got towards the handle of the big dipper.

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Another interesting point to note was that the lights didn't shine as much as they appeared to be reflecting light. This lines up with the sighting I had over Superior in October. When I saw the lights in the sky in a formation, I immediately had a gut feeling that something was different. They didn't shine, they were more of a reflective glow.

Since I first came forward with my sighting, I have had dozens of people come forward with stories of seeing strange lights in The Northland. One of those people put me in contact with Rob who shared his story. Rob would like to know if anyone else saw what he did on Friday night. Our mutual contact did also witness the tail end of this sighting, so there is more than one witness. Rob didn't have his phone with him to take a video, as he was out walking his dog. I can tell you from experience as well that a regular phone camera wouldn't do justice to what either of us has witnessed. They just simply lack the capability of picking up these lights from that distance.

That's all for now. Keep your eye on the sky and keep your mind open. There's something up there.

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