Mike Rowe posted on Facebook a big congrats to the USA Olympic Curling Team after they "did the impossible" and beat Sweden to win Gold in Pyeongchang.  Team Shuster has identified themselves as a "team of rejects" that were able to shake off a tough start in the tournament and then make history beating not only Canada but also Sweden to get the Gold.

Here's what Mike Rowe posted.

I was wondering where that photo came from and when Mike tried curling when I was able to find this segment.


I think Mike needs a few more years of practice, or maybe just learn how to walk on the ice first.  But it's nice to see that Mike is a fan of the sport now and watched the Olympic coverage.

Also if you would like to participate in the welcoming home committee, the flight arrives between 5 and 5:30 today at Duluth International Airport.



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