If you gaze longingly while watching the sail boat races on Lake Superior every Wednesday in the summer, don't just stand on land and watch, take classes and get sailing!  Until now you probably didn't know where to turn for sailing lessons now you're covered with a class from Duluth Community Education.


The 2017 Summer schedule is out for classes offered by Duluth Community Education.  I always page through and make note of the yoga classes, any cooking classes that are offered and look for crafting classes that my daughter and I could take.  This time a class caught my eye that I wanted to share with you so you can take advantage of one of our most beautiful amenities living in the Northland, Lake Superior.

The Duluth Superior Sailing Association is holding a class on Tuesday, May 23 at 7p for both youth and adults.  I mean you won't be able to go out and win the top sailing event in the world class, but you will learn basic and competitive skills.  This is free informational session, if you want to become a member of the Duluth Superior Sailing Association you'll get 1 10% discount on membership fees.  Don't have a sail boat (I don't either), no worries, you'll have access to a 30 boat fleet ranging in different lengths.

Need more encouragement?  There will be an Open House with the Duluth Superior Sailing Association on June 24 & 25 from noon to 4p.  It will be held on the bay side pier near the beach house on Park Point and you'll be able to enjoy a free sail on the bay that day (weather permitting).

Lake Superior is a playground of fluid fun just waiting to be enjoyed.  Don't waste another summer watching from the shore.  Learn to sail and get out to enjoy!

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