Learn To Sail With The Duluth Superior Sailing Association
If you gaze longingly while watching the sail boat races on Lake Superior every Wednesday in the summer, don't just stand on land and watch, take classes and get sailing!  Until now you probably didn't know where to turn for sailing lessons now you're covered with a class from Du…
Apply Now For The 2016 Duluth Citizen Police Academy
Interested in law enforcement?  Before you enroll in a college course like my nephew Eric did, get a taste of the real thing and volunteer your time to be a 2016 Duluth Citizen Police Academy.  It's an 11 week course with both classroom and field instructions, are you up for it?
Get Your Safe Food Handling Certification With FREE Classes
My husband and I have often thought about selling our egg rolls.  Everyone that has tasted them says we should.  Hey, we have retirement to think about!  But, we know there is laws in place for where and how we make the food we sell.  The Duluth Workforce Center is helping with s…
New Free Apprenticeship Program Available In The Northland
Many of my friends are in the process of looking for a job or have a job and are looking to change careers.  It's always hard to afford additional schooling and if you have a job now, it's hard to fit school into your already busy life.  Thanks to AEOA, (Arrowhead Economic Opport…

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