You don't need to be near the ocean to scuba dive, they do it right here in Lake Superior.  I haven't done it myself, but I know of people that have dove in Lake Superior to explore various ship wrecks.  Intrigued?  Join a local scuba diving class and get yourself certified.

My husband took a scuba diving class in Jamaica.  NOT good.  It was about three hours of "instruction" in the hotel pool by a diver with a heavy Jamaican accent and BOOM! they were out on a dive boat in the ocean doing a dive in a group setting.  It was a very windy day and as Homie was going down the rope hand over hand he let go and immediately ascended much too quickly to the surface because he hadn't let the air out of his vest.  He didn't feel well that evening and the next day because of it.  Probably a rookie mistake, but we can't help but think that based on the amount and speed of information that was shared, he may have done better if it was at least a day class.  That thought was confirmed after we saw the classes that Lake Superior Diver Supply offers, it's a six week course.

Lake Superior Diver Supply knows how important diving education is and a three hour class in Jamaica is a 6 week course here in Duluth.  They divide the classes into two parts, from 6:30-7:30 you're learning in the classroom, from 7:30-9 you are in the Lincoln Park Middle School pool.

What do you need?  A mask, fin and snorkel.  Lake Superior Diver Supply will supply everything else you need.  The best thing to do would be to stop by at 3028 W 3rd St, Duluth so they can help you pick out what you need when you register for the classes.  You'll know you're in the right place when you see the BIG anchor on the corner!

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