Many of my friends are in the process of looking for a job or have a job and are looking to change careers.  It's always hard to afford additional schooling and if you have a job now, it's hard to fit school into your already busy life.  Thanks to AEOA, (Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency's) new program, you might be able to git r' done!


AEOA has a new job training program in place that would prepare you to enter a carpentry apprenticeship program.  One of the best parts of the program is it's free for anyone 17 or older. (preferred that you have a GED or high school diploma).

According to, the new program will start September 8 and is designed to help you sharpen your employ ability and skills so you can get a job that will help you earn a living wage.  I've wanted to go back to school and obtain more medical schooling but have found with a full time job it's almost impossible to fit in schooling and study time, not to mention the funds needed to pay for that schooling.  But this particular program may work for you.  The program will be 10 weeks in length and classes will be held Mondays and Tuesdays from 1-4p.  It is open to anyone, but it has been a male dominated career in the past and there is additional assistance for any female looking to move into this non-traditional career.

Thanks to AEOA and the Carpenters Local #606 for developing this program that would prepare you for a two year apprenticeship program with them.

Sound good to you and want more information?  You can call Beth Peterson at 218.735.6834.

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