Interested in law enforcement?  Before you enroll in a college course like my nephew Eric did, get a taste of the real thing and volunteer your time to be a 2016 Duluth Citizen Police Academy.  It's an 11 week course with both classroom and field instructions, are you up for it?

In the Duluth Police Department's Citizens' Police Academy (CPA) you learn the procedures and techniques that our officers use while on the job.  It's a class they've been offering since 1997.

If you've always wanted to do a ride along, you'll get the opportunity to do just that with this opportunity.  Ken and I did a ride along one evening and we experienced everything from helping with a shoplifter at Cub Foods to evicting a man from an apartment shared with his girlfriend who no longer wanted him there.  We even got to watch one of their K-9 units in action, all pretty interesting stuff.   We hear about our law enforcement in a variety of situations, narcotics enforcement, patrol operations, criminal investigations, death investigation, when and how much force they should use and this will all be explained within the 11 week course.  I hear you will also be able to shoot some of the firearms officers are assigned, if you wish. I shot a Smith & Wesson once, I did pretty good and hit the target in a good spot.  At least that was what I was told by my astonished instructor, lol.

Why do they do this?  The Duluth Police Department hopes it will give people
a better understanding of how the police department operates and serve our community.

Here is the specifics, the classes start Wednesday, March 16th from 6-9p and continue until May 25.  This would be a commitment on your part because they ask that participants attend all session, if not most of them.  It's done through an application process and they will take applications through March 9th, 2016.  There's a limit of 25  and it fills up fast.  But, don't worry, if you don't get it this year, your name goes on a waiting list for 2017's classes.

Just so you know, part of the application process would be a criminal background check.  If you are interested in attending the Citizens Police Academy you can contact Duluth Police Investigator Mike Peterson at 218-730-5664. E-mail Mike at or use the application link below.

Info via: DPD Information Officer

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