Every time I write up any piece of content that is gluten free related, I always feel the need to defend why I'm gluten free with a back story. For 33 years I thought it was normal to have stomach discomfort. I just thought that was what other people felt like all the time. Then I went on a diet that cut out carbs. All of them for a month. I had never felt so good. I slowly started eating bread and wheat again and it finally clicked. That's what was making me sick! So I'm now gluten free out of necessity. There are some things I really miss, and one of those is classic Cheez-Its.

I thought for sure Cheez-Its would have a gluten free option, but alas they don't. At least not that I can find anywhere in stores or online. I guess it would be a stretch for a rather unhealthy snack to pivot and make an unhealthy gluten free snack for what usually is a pretty health conscious crowd. Don't even get me started on vegetarian gluten free pizzas. For once I'd just love to see a frozen meatlovers gluten free pizza, but that probably wouldn't play well in the market.

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Yesterday my wife came home with a surprise. She found Lance Gluten Free Cheddar Cheese Crackers. I heart pitter-pattered with excitement, but I was also cautiously optimistic. Sometimes gluten free stuff tastes like it was left in a couch cushion for months.

My initial taste brought back the memory of Cheez-Its. They are a touch less crunchy and kind of crumble quickly into a powdered dust. They have the same cheese flavor, but just a little bit less, and they aren't quite a salty as a real Cheez-It. Now with that all being said, it was still pretty close. I'll buy them again, and next time I'll grab a can of easy cheese for the heck of it.

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