It was a hot day in earlier this month when I first saw one of these. My cousin had one up at the cabin, and she was telling me how much she loved her BruMate can cooler (koozie.) We drink a lot of seltzers, but the problem has been finding a can cooler that will fit the slim seltzer 12 ounce cans. I went online right away and looked. They aren't cheap, costing roughly $25 each. Of course if I bought one, I'd have to buy my wife one too. So would $50 be worth it?

They claim on their website that their 'Hopsulator' model keeps your beverage 20 times colder than a typical can cooler. They guarantee it to be ice cold, and they claim their is no condensation. They have different sizes for just about everything, in my case I got the slim version for 12 oz slim cans.

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It's a pretty popular product because when I went shopping they were sold out of a lot of different colors. They have a wide variety of styles, but not all of them are available in stock. I got the 'Glitter Mermaid' color for my wife. Only thing I could find in stock at the time masculine enough for me was black. I'm obviously sipping white claws, so my mancard might be revoked anyway, but at least I'm not sipping them out of a mermaid cooler.

I made the order and I was notified that due to COVID-19 my order could be delayed. It wasn't delayed too bad as I got it later the next week. These can coolers are quality built. They didn't have any scratches or dents and were packaged quite nicely. We tried them out and they do work pretty good at keeping your seltzer cold. We've had some pretty hot days and I've never had a warm sip out of the hopsulator, so I would say that it's a win. Also, as they advertised, no condensation at all. The design of the can cooler has an easy way to grip it which is a nice touch. The only problem that we found isn't really much of a problem. It's hard to tell how much you have left because the weight of the can cooler. Even if you only have a sip left, it feels like there's quite a bit more in there. But hey, we could all use more exercise going to the fridge to grab another.

So in conclusion, it's worth $25. There's not much that can break on these. It just has a screw top that comes off so you can easily remove your empty can. That's about it. In theory, this should last me a very long time. Cheers!

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