I've been looking for ear buds for a while now that I can wear while riding my motorcycle. Back when I started riding, the only way you could listen to tunes was by putting wired ear buds in under your helmet. That never really worked well, because if your cord got stuck or snagged your ear buds would pop out. Then you'd have to pull over and mess with them. Now with blue tooth and noise cancelling technology there are a lot more option out there.

You can spend as much money as you can imagine on ear buds. I wanted to find something good that was 100 bucks or less. I did some research and finally found a pair worthy of the investment. I ended up with Jlab's Epic Air Sport Ear Buds. They were $99 when I bought mine, but now you can find them for $79.

Set up is pretty quick. It connected to my iPhone effortlessly with Bluetooth. There is a function guide that comes with it where you can tap on the ear buds in different ways for different things. I wasn't too concerned with that because they would be under my helmet and I wouldn't be able to tap them anyway. But, it's still nice to have if you are wearing them for something else.

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The sound quality is pretty good. It does have noise cancelling technology on it that works ok. It's not as good as my Sony headphones, but those are full headphones that blocks out the entire ear.

They do have an assortment of different rubber ear piece sizes so you can find one that perfectly fits your ear. That's a nice touch and I found myself using the smallest ones.

They come with a nice carrying case that also wirelessly charges your buds. You can recharge the case. All in all you can get 70+ hours of playtime on it. I've never even been close to running out of battery.

I've made phone calls on these while riding my motorcycle with the ear buds in under my helmet. It's a bit muffled but the people on the other end can understand me. It's not ideal, but in a pinch you can get the job done.

If you're like me and have been looking for a budget friendly ear bud for riding your motorcycle, these ones are worth trying out.

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