I've owned a pair of ShadRays since last spring. I had just had Lasik eye surgery and I was looking for a pair of sunglasses that were stylish but wouldn't cost $100. I decided to give ShadyRays a try, and ordered them online. I got the classic black frames and they arrived a few days later in the mail. Overall, they are pretty good sunglasses. The optics are nice, they are comfortable, and they held up pretty well. I liked them so much that I ended up buying another pair with different frames on a Black Friday sale.

I was wearing my original pair that's now over a year old while I was working outside. I put them on my tailgate to adjust a winch I was working on. The winch tipped over and smashed the glasses. The frames cracked, one lens went missing, and it was clear there was no fixing these. Bummer! Then I remembered they had a replacement policy.

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So I looked up online the details of the replacement policy. If you break or lose your glasses you can get them replaced for a small processing fee. You can do this up to two times for each pair of glasses. You just need to provide proof of purchase.

The beauty of it is if you bought it online it already has your records stored. So I logged into my account, and I saw the two pairs of sunglasses I purchased. I picked the one that broke and paid a $8.89 processing fee online. A couple days later the sunglasses showed up brand new. They even came with another microfiber carrying cases that doubles as a lens cleaner.

I have to say I'm pretty happy with how easy the process was. They did honor their warranty, and I'll continue to be a ShadyRays customer.

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