A few weeks into the pandemic I broke my only pair of cheap sunglasses. I had been meaning to buy a nicer pair for a while since getting my lasik eye surgery, but I didn't think now was the time to go into a department store and try on a bunch of different sunglasses someone else might have been touching. COVID-19 is still yet to peak locally and I really try not to go into the store.

So I started googling sunglasses online and comparing price points and reviews. I found some places that would send you like 5 pairs to try on and then you return the ones you don't want, but that seemed like a hassle and it was expensive. I found some other sites where you could drop like $100 bucks or more on a pair. That seems like a lot for not prescription sunglasses.

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Then I came along to SHADYRAYS.  I saw that the prices weren't too bad. I went with the black timber which are listed for $48. They also have loss/break protection. If for any reason you lose or break your glasses they replace them. That seems neat, hopefully I don't have to try it but I'll let you know if I do. All you supposedly have to do is pay an $8 processing fee.

Also, since I was new to the site I got a 20% discount. As far as shipping I actually paid the extra $7 to get them sooner. That brings me to my only complaint with this company, and it's not a big one. I got the order confirmation e-mail that said I would get another e-mail when it shipped. I never got the e-mail it shipped and I was starting to wonder if something happened with the order. Then, 4 days later they showed up at my door. So no big deal I guess.

As far as the quality of the glasses, so far they seem pretty great. They fit nicely, they aren't flimsy and they look pretty stylish. The lense quality is just as good as my prescription sunglasses I used to wear. Very clear, sharp, and the polarization works well. For the price, these are nice sunglasses. Even if you take the price factor out of it, these sunglasses can compete with more expensive brands.

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