As a child, I was left alone to fend for myself often, and that meant eating very unhealthy.  An entire package of Oreos, a bag of potato chips or an entire package of macaroni and cheese.  Then, when my mother would come home from work, I'd have a full dinner with her.  We could have used this healthy snack delivery service!  Course, knowing me, I would have eaten the entire box the minute it arrived...oh wait, it's healthy stuff, maybe not, lol!

It's a sign of the times, I guess. We are constantly being told to eat healthy, eat healthy, eat healthy.  I do, really, or at least I try.  It's especially hard to monitor your children and what snacks they eat when they get home from school.  And, honestly, I don't even know which snacks are considered healthy anymore, because of the wide array of choices.

Several companies have cropped up to help and just like a magazine subscription it's simply delivered to your door.  Watch this video as a consumer unpacks a delivery from Healthy Surprise and Sprig.  They focus on vegan, organic and gluten-free foods.

Other companies like JackedPack are aimed at fitness fanatics.  There are even companies that are for kids and encourage them to eat healthy.  But, they aren't cheap!  You can google to find the one that best fits your lifestyle :)

Are you willing to pay the price for healthy snacks and the convenience of it being delivered to your doorstep?


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