Yesterday we packed a picnic for a late afternoon lunch at Pattison State Park.  We walked around on the beautiful, sunny day and saw the highest waterfall in Wisconsin.  Then, in the afternoon we were getting thirsty and a beer sounded really good.  I had picked up a six pack of beer and thrown it in the cooler at the store, but I didn't plan on drinking it at the Wisconsin State Park. But man it looked good and it would be a nice addition to lunch.  But, I wasn't sure if it was legal?

A quick check of the DNR website had some good news, but only if you're in Wisconsin.  You are allowed to drink alcohol in a Wisconsin State Park, as long as you are not disruptive or noisy. Nobody wants to be at a State Park where some people are getting smashed drunk and being obnoxious.  But if you want to have a beer, then go right ahead! (If you're of age of course.)

Minnesota isn't as alcohol friendly.  Maybe that's a good thing if you're looking for a nice family friendly place to go.  Minnesota doesn't allow any alcohol to be brought into the State Park or being consumed.

So now we know, and won't have to hide our beer in Wisconsin.  Which come on, it's Wisconsin, what were we worried about?


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