The owner of a horse came home to find their horse frozen and dead with a bullet wound in the abdomen on November 13th near Nimrod, MN. The Wadena County Sheriff's office responded to the call and met the property owner. They confirmed that the horse, a young colt, was laying on it's side with a bullet hole.

According to the media release, the deputy searched for nearby hunters in the area and also tried to contact neighbors. The incident is under investigation and anyone with any information is asked to call the Wadena Sheriff's Office at (218) 631-7600.

It's very important to be absolutely sure what your target is while hunting. A colt is a young horse, and maybe in poor lighting or at a long distance it could be mistaken for a deer. But that's not an excuse. You need to know exactly what you are shooting, and what is beyond it before you pull the trigger.


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