Last night I ran quickly over to ALDI's in Superior to do some quick discount grocery shopping.   It really is a fantastic way to save money on your budget, and we now do most of our shopping there.  We've been happy with the quality of the products.   One thing I haven't tried yet was the beer there.  I've seen the unrecognizable brand names in the cooler, and I've been afraid to try them.  Last night I did.

Since we were having Mexican cuisine last night, I wanted to get a dark Mexican beer.  I found Cielo Dark Cerve.  It was $6.49 for a six pack.   If I had to compare it to a name brand beer, it would be Negra Modelo.  That usually sells for about $9 a six pack.

The beer was actually pretty good!   It had a rich, dark flavor with a hint of caramel.  The aftertaste was crisp.  It had a full body, with a nice head on the top.  If you poured me a glass of this and a glass of Negra Modelo side by side, I'm not sure I could spot the difference.

So if you want to save a couple of bucks on a six pack, there's nothing wrong with the beer at ALDI's.

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