I'll make a long story short. I had gut problems for years. I couldn't figure it out, and honestly thought that's kinda how everybody felt. It wasn't until I went on a detox kind of diet that I found out gluten was the problem. It hasn't been that hard, but there is one thing I really really miss: good pizza.

Gluten free pizza has come a long way. Most you get now aren't terrible, and actually pretty good. The problem I've been having is finding a frozen pizza that has good crust. I was shocked the other day when I was ad ALDI and I saw a new cauliflower crust I had never seen before from Mama Cozzi's. It cost $4.99 so I grabbed it, and noticing it was cheese only, I went and got some pepperoni to put on it. I've learned to doctor up the limited options of frozen gluten free pizzas. Everyone assumes you're a vegan if you're gluten free. Don't get me started on that.

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It was pretty straightforward instructions and only took about 11 or 12 minutes in the oven. I will say this, I cooked it on my Traeger grill, which is the best thing ever. It does act like a convection oven, so it did a good job of heating the crust evenly.

I've made the mistake before of pulling a cauliflower pizza off too early and having it be soggy, so this time I really let it brown on the edges.

Guys, it tasted fantastic. The pizza toppings itself and cheese were fine, but I was astonished at how good that crust turned out. For the first time I found a frozen pizza gluten free crust that tasted just as good or better than regular thin crust.

When I first heard about cauliflower crust I figured it would be garbage. Not so at all. This is a fantastic gluten free option. Try it for yourself next time you're in ALDI.

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