If I've learned anything during this coronavirus pandemic, it's that you can never have enough potato chips. I recently donned my face mask and braved the elements to fill a grocery cart to the brim at our ALDI in town. Right in the front of the store was a huge display of these taco flavored potato chips. It was a no-brainer to grab a bag. I love tacos, and I love chips, how could this go wrong?

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When I got home and we got all the groceries put away, I told the family to gather around for this momentous taste testing. It was probably the most exciting thing that's happened to us during this stay at home week. Everybody grabbed a potato chip and we did a synchronized taste test. Nobody thought it was gross. Nobody thought it was great either. It's a big 'meh.'

Maybe what this chip is meant for is dipping in taco dip? Or maybe it would be better with some tip of creamy dip? It's not bad, but it's not as satisfying as you would hope. I will say though, that the quantity and quality of full sized chips is pretty good.

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