8 Best Snacks For A Road Trip
There's certain foods that work better on a road trip. Whether they satisfy your hunger or cure your boredom, here is 8 of my favorites for a road trip.
5 Key Food Items To Ensure A Good Super Bowl Party
My co-host Cathy today invited me to her Super Bowl party.  It was very nice of her, and I innocently asked what they were going to be serving and if I could bring anything.  Her answer?  Soup & Chili.  That's a good start, but I felt the need to educate her on what …
What Is Your Favorite Super Bowl Snack? [POLL]
The big game is this weekend!  It's a great excuse to make a bunch of munchies, grab a few beers, and pig out. So,  what do you serve at your party?  What do people like to eat?  Let's all vote and see what the most popular Super Bowl Snack is!