One of the best parts of Super Bowl Sunday is always the food. It's one of the days you can forget about your diet and indulge. If you're like me, it is a day you can eat everything and anything and it makes football a little less boring. (Kidding!)

Chips, dips, pizza, chicken wings and more. All are popular choices for snacks on game day.

General Mills wanted to get a little more specific and did some research. They looked at internet searches for food sites, like Pillsbury and Betty Crocker, to see what people were snacking on most in each state. Some of the answers were surprising while others were not.

Minnesotans loved Tater Tot Hot Dish while Wisconsinites preferred pinwheels. As for the rest of the country, things got interesting.

  • Those in Kansas liked dill pickle soup.
  • Maine liked clam dip.
  • In true Southern fashion, Louisiana craved crab au gratin.
  • New Hampshire, New Jersey & Arizona kept it simple with chili.
  • Residents in South Dakota were healthier than the rest of the country, with hummus being their most popular snack of choice.

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