This is just killer. Literally.

Over the weekend, popular YouTube channel 'The Merkins' dropped a new music video featuring all of our favorite horror movie villains. Who knew they could carry a tune?

The music video is performed by the Slashstreet Boys, comprised of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Ghostface, Michael Myers and Leatherface. (Like Backstreet, get it?)

The super group put their own spin on the Backstreet classic 'I Want It That Way' and the results really are supernatural.

Throughout the music video, the boys can be seen dancing in their unique garb and again with coordinating outfits. They also rock some dance moves, play an instrument (Go Freddy!) AND visit Camp Crystal Lake.

The villains are also chased by loving fan girls. (I don't blame them.)

Watch the music video for 'I'll Kill You That Way' below and try not to scream from happiness. It is worth noting that there are a few swear words riddled throughout the song so don't crank this up if you're at work or in front of children - ha!

This isn't exactly the group's debut. Back in 2017, a similar parody was released. That time they reworked the boy band's massive hit 'Everybody' into 'Slashing Bodies.' They can sing and they are clever, too? Swoon.

My horror movie loving self couldn't be happier. Keep it up, boys. (Also, can we add Pennywise next time?!)

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