Halloween is upon us and that means it is the perfect time to watch scary movies!

Some prefer gory flicks while others like the paranormal films. I prefer ALL of them.

It turns out, as states, we all have a scary movie we obsess about more than any other. StreamingObserver.com released a map of the country which shows the horror film we prefer above the rest by state.

How did they get to this conclusion? The site used data from Rotten Tomatoes and Google trends to figure it out.

Minnesotans love Silence Of The Lambs while Wisconsinites heart Shaun Of The Dead.

This is only a little surprising. Silence Of The Lambs is one of the most iconic horror movies ever and was a favorite among many other states too, including New Jersey, Massachusetts and Missouri. It's a beloved classic.

As for Wisconsin loving Shaun Of The Dead, they aren't alone in that either. Kansas, Nevada and Washington also love the flick. The only thing that surprised me about this is that it wasn't a movie based around a serial killer from the state. For example, Ed Gein (subject of Texas Chainsaw Massacre) was born there.

Some other fun facts I learned include:

  • Movies did usually align with geographic location. For example, Texas loves Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Colorado residents love The Shining, which is based on a famous hotel in Estes Park. Maryland has eyes for Blair Witch Project, which was filmed there.
  • North Dakota is obsessed with the film Aliens, which is interesting because the website claims they have one of the highest records of alien sightings. Coincidence?
  • It turns out some states don't even care about horror movies! Adding Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas to places I simply can never move to.

It's definitely fun to see which states love which horror movies. I'm not surprised that the scariest movie of all time didn't make the cut anywhere.

Time to curl up and watch some scary movies!

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