Fall is in the air and Halloween is inching closer.

This is definitely the best time of the year for many reasons, but the biggest one in my opinion has to be all things scary - decor, activities, television shows and more!

Of course, that includes scary movies. Not everyone is a fan but if you want to get in the Halloween spirit, it may be worth your time to put your fear aside and watch a few.

Plus, our warm (even comfortable) weather is LONG gone so you don't have to feel guilty about staying inside and binging a scary movie or two, right?

I watch horror movies year round so I am here to offer a little help on which ones you should add to your list and which ones you should skip.

Here are my 5 favorite scary movies on Netflix. These are sure to get you in the Halloween spirit!

By the way - If you tackle all these and are still feeling brave, see if you can make it through the scariest movie of all time.

  • 1

    Cult Of Chucky

    Child's Play is one of the most iconic horror series ever. The first few in the franchise are so iconic, they could never be duplicated, even in today's day and age. Many have tried though and while most have failed, this Chucky spinoff actually gets it right. It follows one of his old victim's into a mental hospital where he slowly causes trouble and pins it on other people. It's not going to win an Oscar but it will get you in the Halloween spirit AND give you a taste of the classic you love so much.

  • 2

    The Sixth Sense

    I see dead people. It's classic. Enough said.

  • 3

    The Conjuring

    This is one of those movies that makes you jump, think, hide and scream all in one. The 2013 release was hugely popular when it debuted and still is to this day. A movie about a house being haunted by an evil spirit isn't anything new but this one is unique in its own way. Oh, and it's based on a true story. Good luck.

  • 4

    The Shining

    If you haven't already seen this classic, I am disappointed in you. Very few movies have been as good - or as scary - as this one since its release in 1980. The film follows an author who goes to stay at an isolated hotel with his family in an effort to cure his writer's block. Everything changes when he begins to unravel its dark secrets. The Shining is not the kind of scary that will make you scream at the top of your lungs but you will want to sleep with the lights on.

  • 5


    Clowns are not my friend BUT this movie is one of the better ones to take on the topic. A man dresses up as a funny guy for his son's birthday party and when he's done, he realizes he can't take the costume off. From there, he turns into a killer. It's horrifying and unexpected and fun. If you've watched IT 600 times like I have, throw this in the mix.

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