Back in March, some interesting news grabbed the attention of just about everyone: someone placed a fake Jason Voorhees statue in a Minnesota lake and it's terrifying.

Now it seems he may be getting a buddy - one of the killing, horrifying kind.

According to a report making its way around the web, Freddy Krueger may be the next horror movie villain to post up at the bottom of a lake.

An article on says a Krueger statue is in the works. The man behind the mission is quoted as saying, "I just gotta do it."

To be honest, I agree. He is one of the best scary movie icons and the more scary movie shrines we have, the better.

Here's a little backstory for you in case you missed it the first time around - the first statue is chained to the bottom of Crystal Lake in Crosby. The villain is from the hugely popular 'Friday The 13th' series where a maniacal serial killer visits a Camp Crystal Lake and goes on a reign of terror. (Crystal Lake. Get it?)

A few stories say the statue was made by an artist back in 2013 and placed in the lake shortly after. Nevertheless, it didn't go viral until earlier this year when a few unlucky divers stumbled upon it. (See footage below.)

You know what they say - the more horror movie villains in one place, the better!

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