It isn't officially winter just yet but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. Ha!

We have seen feet of snow in Duluth and beyond, strong winds and bitterly cold temperatures. In fact, we've seen about twenty inches of snow over our average for this time of year. That is no joke!

According to WDIO, we've seen about 42.5 inches of snow since July 1st. That is 21 inches about our average for the year. This isn't factoring in the snow we've seen since they reported on these statistics!

So we know how our snowfall totals fall in comparison to our average but where does this winter stack up so far against winters of the past?

The National Weather Service has the answer and shared it on their Twitter page Thursday (December 12th). Here's what they had to say:

Wow! And to think the Old Farmer's Almanac said it was going to be a mild month. Here's to hoping things turn around in the new year.

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