Do you feel like this winter is snowier than those of the past? National Weather Service of Duluth has an answer for you.

The NWS Duluth shared a graphic on their social media pages Friday (January 24th) showing how much snow we've seen in the area this winter season. They also shared how this winter stacks up against others so far. Check out the graphic they shared:

There you have it! We've seen about 73 inches of snow so far in this 2019-2020 winter season. I was surprised by this, since it seems like we've only had one big storm so far.

I also find it interesting that this winter season is our seventh snowiest. We are still in the thick of winter so it's likely we will move up the list. We could even crack the top 5 since that seems to be just a few inches from where we stand right now.

We will have to wait and see but I know one thing is for sure - there has to be more snow in the forecast for us this winter! It wouldn't be Duluth in the Northland without it.

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