This winter has been absolutely brutal.

Where do we start? Well, there's the fact that over the weekend we made history in Duluth. This February has officially become our snowiest in history. Yup.

Over the weekend, we also saw incredibly strong wind gusts up to 60 MPH in some parts and very cold temperatures.

Just how cold did it get? We saw our coldest conditions overnight Sunday (February 24th) into Monday morning. The National Weather Service of Duluth shared a graphic of peak wind chill values across the region on their Facebook page Monday morning:

Wow! Duluth saw one of the coldest overnight wind chill values, clocking in around 37 below.

Grand Marais was the coldest spot Sunday night with a wind chill around 40 below. Areas like Birchdale and Cook weren't far behind.

It's no polar vortex but it sure is cold! How many days until summer? Asking for a friend...

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