5, 4, 3, 2, 1!  I had the honors of blowing the first whistle at the Twin Ports Junior Roller Derby vs the North East Roller Derby Youth.  I knew very little about the sport as I walked through the doors of the World of Wheels on Sunday night.  In about half an hour I found myself cheering them on and counting the laps of the jammer!

First, I need to thank the Twin Ports Junior Roller Derby for asking me to start the first jam.  Secondly, I have to thank Heather who was the the starter for the rest of the evening.  She and I had time to chat and she told me how they scored points and what to expect once I blew the first whistle.

The Twin Ports Junior Derby was established in 2009 and accepts both boys and girls ages 7-19.  At the moment, they are offering the this free of charge, providing they can continue to raise enough money to cover the costs for practice space.

They currently practice at the Cloquet armory on Sundays from 6-8p.  However, soon they plan on also practicing at World of Wheels Roller Rink in Superior on Wednesdays from 4-5p.

The kids I saw Sunday night seemed to be having a blast!  What I noticed is there was team camaraderie, they were getting exercise and not one of them was texting during the competition :)

If you would like information on joining the team or volunteering, call Coach Mic Wicked at 218.491.0055 or email her at Micwicked911@yahoo.com.