Are you still reeling from the Vikings most recent loss? Caribou Coffee feels you and wants to try and make you feel better, especially as we head into the huge Super Bowl week.

In an email sent out Monday morning, the coffee giant said, "We know the best fans make the best hosts, especially here in Minnesota." Therefore, they want to reward us for our loyalty and we are just fine with it.

As part of the reward, Minnesotans have a chance to get a free treat.

From Monday, January 29th to the 31st, you can get a free purple or gold Brownie Bite with any purchase.

The purple in gold is obviously in honor of the Vikings.

This option is not available at all stores, including Byerly's locations. You are limited to one per customer.

If you still want to root for the Vikings come the big day, here are some tips.

There are several Caribou Coffee locations around the Northland. Happy eating!

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