I woke up in the middle of the night and thought, "Oh good, that didn't really happen it was just a nightmare."  Then the truth slowly sunk back in.  That horrible game did happen.  My team choked, and this just plain sucks.

38-7.  What happened?  We looked like a team that had no place being in a playoff game.  It was pathetic.  We scored 7 points on an opening drive and then just did a slow nosedive for 4 quarters.  It wasn't just a loss, it was embarrassing.

So what do we do?  We do what we always do.  This is nothing new.  You may have found yourself saying stuff like this.


  • 1

    There Is Always Next Year

    Oh we'll be knocking on this door many times in the next few years.  We've got a good thing going.

  • 2

    Twins Pitchers & Catchers Report To Spring Training In A Few Weeks

    Go Twins!

  • 3

    At Least I Have More Time To Watch Hockey

    I saw this on Facebook this morning.  That's an optimistic take!

  • 4

    At Least It Wasn't A Heartbreak Like A Missed Field Goal Or Interception

    Don't get me wrong.  This loss really sucked, but we had plenty of time during the game to prepare ourselves for the result.

  • 5

    Well, I Guess We Don't Have To Worry About Losing The Super Bowl At Home

    I think a lot of us were anxious about this.  If we lost at home that would really, really, really, hurt.

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