Empty Bowls 2013
I'm so excited for the annual Empty Bowl event today.  Ken and I will be there starting at 11a to serve delicious soup, we'll meet you there!  It actually started months ago when adults and children in our community started putting time and talent into making the bowls. I hope the Sea of Bowls "pre-sale" last night was successful and you can fit a stop in today at the Depot, 506 West Michigan Street, Duluth,  for a delicious bowl of soup with the proceeds benefiting Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank

Empty Bowl is today from 10a-6:30 p.m. and is open to the public.  Bowls are $20 before 4p, $15 after that hour.  You do not need to purchase a bowl to have a simple meal of soup. Empty Bowl is an event open to everyone. It is actually modeled after a soup kitchen in which the community receives a meal, together. Everyone is welcome.

Soup isn’t typically served in the bowl you purchase. Truly, the bowls have been handled by multiple people, but if you would like to wash your bowl and use it, great – if not a compostable bowl will be provided for your soup. Empty Bowl is a “green” event – all flatware, bowls, etc. are made for recycling and items like butter, sugar packets, and creamer are acquired in bulk so they produce less waste.

In it's first year, Empty Bowl raised enough money for Second Harvest to distribute enough food for 30,000 meals.  Due to it's success 234,000 meals are provided annually.  Over it's 19 year history, Empty Bowl has raised $757,981, thanks to Shaye and her staff for their hard work and dedication to the our Community!

Info via:  Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank Press Release, Amy Kinney