A big Northland tradition is back. Tuesday marks the 25th Annual Empty Bowl fundraiser.

The big event takes place at the Duluth Depot. The show starts at 10 a.m. and continues through 6:30 p.m. Tuesday night. Admission is free, along with a meal of locally made soup and bread, and a beverage. There will also be a silent auction.

Of course, you can check out the great selection of handmade bowls. One can be yours for $20 dollars with the money benefitting Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank. You can also make a donation in lieu of buying a bowl.

The bank provides millions of meals to people in need every year, most notably in the northeastern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin regions.

I recently had the chance to take part in this great cause by painting a plain white bowl. I chose bright orange and electric blue paint and while I am not going to quit my day job to become an artist, I had a lot of fun! Make sure to keep a look out for the bowls made by members of B105!

The Depot is located at 506 West Michigan Street in Duluth.



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