The City of Duluth held a public meeting last night to discuss changes coming to Skyline Parkway. The changes have been proposed after multiple accidents and deaths on the narrow stretch of road.

Long history of accidents on West Skyline Parkway

Earlier this month, a crash on West Skyline nearly sent a car off a deep embankment. In February, 70-year-old Kenneth Bickel of Duluth was struck by a car and killed while waking on a Tuesday afternoon on West Skyline Parkway. The accident occurred on Skyline and W 5th Street.

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Also in February of this year, a 26-year-old Duluth man was killed in a rollover crash in the early morning hours.

Skyline Parkway Is Narrow With Poor Visibility

Skyline Parkway winds along the hill of Duluth and offers breathtaking views. It's been designated as a scenic byway and is divided into West Skyline Parkway and East Skyline Parkway.

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The road is narrow at points, especially in the West Skyline Parkway where there is the most concern about safety. Many of the tight turns reduce visibility.

City Of Duluth
City Of Duluth

Skyline Parkway Will Become One-way Street

The city's plan is to turn Skyline Parkway into a one-way street going East To West, according to WDIO. They also will be removing the intersections at 5th Street and 6th Street.

Google Maps
Google Maps

A pedestrian barrier will be added.

A barrier protecting pedestrians from traffic will be added, and extra law enforcement patrols will take place in the area.

The changes are expected to take place before winter.

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