Do you recognize the person in the photo below?

That's the question being raised by the Duluth Police Department. They posted the screenshot image on their Facebook page Thursday morning, asking for some help from the public in identifying the individual.

According to their post, they want to identify the person so they can ask them about "a theft incident that took place at a downtown business about a week ago." The name of the business in question is not given.

If you do recognize the person in the photo (below) you are asked to send a message to the Duluth Police Department's Facebook page.

Courtesy Of The Duluth Police Department
Courtesy Of The Duluth Police Department

As always, the Duluth Police Department is asking that you do not assume the person in the picture committed a crime. The Department says the person may just have information that could be helpful to the investigation.

While the photo is grainy, you can still make out some identifying characteristics of the individual in the picture.

The Duluth Police Department is also asking that Northland residents remain vigilant as we head into tax season, as they are expecting an uptick in IRS scams to hit the area.

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