We can't lie - this is one list we don't mind topping AT ALL.

Indeed.com released a new study earlier this week, citing Duluth as the 'top city for paycheck stretching and economic growth prospects.'

According to a press release from Duluth Mayor Emily Larson, the study measured 185 metro cities and we were the lucky ones that hit number one.

A quote from the study says, “If you want it all — high adjusted salaries, low unemployment today and good future prospects — look instead at Duluth, MN [...]." Not too shabby.

Mayor Larson seems to agree with the sentiment, writing, “The rest of the country is catching on to what we’ve always known: Duluth is special. It’s our people, our sense of place, our purchasing power. Our grounded optimism. While it’s possible to live anywhere, Duluth is where you can have a great life.”

Duluth made the list along with some very large cities, including St. Louis, Sacramento and Little Rock.

The list took factors like future growth prospects, low unemployment and good job opportunities into consideration.

I love that Duluth made this list! It is such a great city and deserves to be among huge cities. As far as if I believe we should top the list - not entirely. I would need to do some research and crunch some numbers to really believe it. I've lived in many states over the past decade, including Wyoming and Arizona. Both were easy living with cheap rent and lower taxes.

With that said, I wouldn't trade living in Duluth and Minnesota for those things. I mean, we were named the 'hippest' city in the state AND one of the best spots to survive the apocalypse (which is the most important, obviously).

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