Scammers will prey on just about anyone or anything these days. This is proof!

A new bakery owner is warning her customers about a Facebook scam that is all too common. Maddie Lu, who owns Something Sweet by Maddie Lu, took to Facebook to warn everyone to be on high alert.

Why? According to the warning, scammers are making mock business pages for the bakery and trying to add customers who are a fan of the real thing. It is not known what the scammers do if the customers do indeed add the fake Facebook page.

The post, made on the one and only official Facebook page for the business, states that they couldn't add customers using the page even if they wanted to. They state it is a "business account" and they will never try to send you a friend request, even if they could.

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Customers in the comment section shared that they had received a friend request from the fake page. Scammers are taking what is on the official business page and copying it so well that it looks legitimate.

While it makes sense that you aren't able to add friends from a business page, some people may not be aware of this fact, especially if they aren't that familiar with Facebook or social media. That would make this scam pretty easy to fall for!

This scam comes on the heels of the opening of the new bakery. It just opened its doors inside the Miller Hill Mall this month! Maddie Lu is a Food Network star so I bet it is going to be a huge success!

If you want to check it out, it is located near the food court in the mall. You can also catch Maddie Lu on a Food Network hit in July!

By the way, the new Pizza Ranch location in Duluth, also located at the Miller Hill Mall, was also the victim of an online scam. What is with people these days?

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