The Duluth Pizza Ranch just opened its doors in Duluth on June 14 and, unfortunately, they've already suffered a break-in at their new Miller Hill Mall location. They posted the news Saturday, June 19, on their Facebook page:

Hello Friends.. It’s sad to think not even a week into business someone decided to break into our restaurant this morning about 4am… We need all your help to identify him and get our stuff back! Please share with your friends and family in Duluth.. You can either msg us or call 911 and ref ICR: 21081460

They did get pretty good surveillance photos of the person who committed the break-in, which you can see above and below, so hopefully they get shared across the Northland and they can figure out who this person is before they decide to try doing something like this again elsewhere.

Pizza Ranch Duluth Facebook
Pizza Ranch Duluth Facebook
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This break-in wasn't the only deviant behavior involving the Pizza Ranch in Duluth that was reported over the weekend. On Sunday, June 20, they reported that there was a scam where someone had setup a fake Facebook page to look like theirs and was then sending out fake messages to people saying they had won a prize. The message also included a link for people to click on to claim their "prize". You can see an example of the warning below.

If you receive a message such as this, you should delete it instantly and do not click on the link provided as that will likely pose a threat to your online security and privacy.

While it's unfortunate that things like this happen, it is great to see businesses like Pizza Ranch in Duluth be proactive and warn their customers as soon as they can.

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