Domino's recently has been pushing their Artisan Pizzas with their "No" campaign.  They pretty much have told their customers that they can't make changes to their Artisan Pizza order because they've spent years perfecting the recipe.

I respect that, I really do.  If you want something else, you should just build your own pizza.  Try what they think is their best.  Also right now they are only $7.99.  Good price, right?

We decided we were going to try it out last night.  We ordered the Tuscan Salami With Roasted Veggies.

The good: Only 7.99 for a specialty pizza.  The Bad: Smaller than a medium pizza.

The good: Unique flavor, something new.  The bad: Haha didn't really like the taste.

It wasn't bad, it's just not something I really enjoyed.  I think I may try one of the other flavors.  Next time it may be the Chicken Bacon Carbonera we try.

Also, I should mention Domino's has done a great job revamping their whole system in the last couple of years.  They have by far the best online ordering experience, and their pizza tracker is really accurate.  We eat domino's at least once a month!

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